Taking Care of Customers

River Moss is a consulting/product company with one goal in mind, to make the best product possible for our customers, whether that customer is ourselves or an outside customer. We take pride on taking ownership of the project that we are working on and not being that typical consulting company that only does what the specs say to do. We try and question what is the best for the customer and what are they really looking for.

Top Talent

River Moss Technologies has some of the most talented individuals in the Treasure Valley. We are always trying to stay up on the latest technologies, so that we can suggest the best solution to our customers. We strongly believe in design patterns and an agile process.

Happy Employees

Employees at River Moss are outdoor enthusiasts with passions outside of the workplace. We strongly believe in hiring this type of talent so that they can be passionate within the workplace as well. We believe in a work-life balance because when a person is happy, they will produce the best results.

  • Customer Centric
  • Talented Workforce
  • Latest Technologies
  • Great Work Environment